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“B. Albers Jackson has provided an inspired, delightful Western interpretation of theHindu epic, Ramayana, which keeps the essence of the original while making it accessible to the global audience.  It is a real tour de force.” Dr. Krishna Kumar, Nuclear Physicist For Peace and science fiction writer.

“While the book’s castles and customs locate the story thousands of years ago, Jackson introduces contemporary elements that freshen the tale for today’s readers. Her wisecracking crow, for example, provides charm and comic relief. Jackson’s strength as a storyteller lies in establishing relationships through dialogue; she builds believable conversations between husband and wife, between family members, and between friends.

Jackson’s collaborator, Ashok Bhadana, provides beautiful, vibrant, color-saturated illustrations to complement the exotic story. The layout of panels helps to showcase the actions on each page, especially during battle scenes. While thin lines provide specific visual details, each scene has an expertly air-brushed, almost three-dimensional quality. While the story’s plot includes battles, no graphic violence is depicted. This is an all-ages book for anyone who enjoys timeless stories of virtuous behavior, with plenty of fantasy elements.”  Dr. Tony Baker,   Herald Citizen Book Review

“You have provided a colorful and a delightful presentation of this great epic “Ramayana”.  It is simple and well articulated for the western readers and particularly children – Indian as well as western – to understand and enjoy this great epic and more importantly the morals to be derived from it for the entire mankind.”  Dr. Uma Mysorekar, President of The Hindu Temple Society of North America

“I love everything about RAMA — the “modern” treatment toward an ancient epic, the layout, the wonderful illustrations. It is simply excellent. I also loved the introduction to the book. It conveys respect for and sensitivity toward the epic and also Hindu culture.  Both my sons loved it and called it the best version of the epic they’ve read. My 13-year-old was especially appreciative of the contemporary feel of the book, and also Rarecrow and Raj.”  Saritha Phabhu, Columnist for The Tennessean

“Easily one of the best reads I’ve had in a while.  Completely reinvented while being true to the original.  Great work.”  Mark Poulton, Producer

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