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History of the Ramayana

Rama, the Legend, is more than just another action story. It's a 21st century western interpretation of the Ramayana, an Indian epic passed on for millenniums. The Ramayana was written in Sanskrit by the poet, Valmiki in the time frame 1000 B.C.E. - 200 C.E. and was composed of 24,000 verses. The poet, Kamban, wrote a Tamil version of the epic in the eleventh century C.E. The Ramayana is the second most popular Hindu classic with the Mahabharata being the most popular .

The Ramayana is a scriptural writing in which good triumph over evil, of light dispelling darkness. It is a story woven into the fabric of Hindu souls. The young children delight in the exciting action adventures just as the children of the Judeo-Christian culture delight in Jonah And The Whale and Noah And The Ark. In India , there have been books, plays, songs, dances, puppet shows, television series, animation films and festivals celebrating the story of Rama, Sita, Hanuman and the Demon King. In the villages the storytellers have kept alive the story of Rama, Sita and the Demon King for centuries. In cities a serialized version of the Ramayana was broadcast on television for 78 weeks and brought the nation to a standstill for an hour each Sunday.

Just mentioning the name, Rama to Hindus brings a smile to their lips and a comfort to their souls. It has been reported that Rama was the last word spoken by Mahatma Gandhi as he lay dying.

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