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Barbara Albers Jackson


Educational Short Award - International Family Film Festival 2007 - FORGOTTEN SON

Bronze Award - WorldFest Houston International Film Festival 2002 - HEAVENLY


COLORS OF MY MIND Experimental Drama - 13 Minute Short

A young boy overhears that his father is not his biological father. When the boy is in a scene the frames are in hues to depict his emotional state, when he is not in a scene the film is in black and white.

FORGOTTEN SON Drama 13 Minute Short

Methamphetamie addiction as seen from the POV of a boy, whose mother is an addict.

HEAVENLY Drama 13 Minutes Short

A couple dies and is given a computer which will grant all their earthly desires.

HATFIELDS AND MCCOY'S Sitcom Trailer 3 Minutes

My Cousin Vinnie's family moves into Rush Limbaugh country.  

HELLPHONE Parody 2 Minute Short

A woman takes her cell phone frustration out on the repair man.


TTU Undergrad Chemistry Promo Tennessee Tech Undergraduate Chemistry Video Promo 5 Minutes

An overview of the Chemistry program offered at Tennessee Tech University.
(This file is a MP4 so it will take a while.)


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